Startups Realm was founded by Tech enthusiast Mr. Sundar Adhikari. Working and Studying Startups across Nepal and India at the age of 19, Sundar worked with many startups and SMEs to realize there was a massive gap of support and tech solutions for the crazy idea and startups that dare to disrupt the industries.

Startups Realm was initiated to support the startup ecosystem, every entrepreneur, and startups, has a hunger to grow and make new for the world. That's why startups Realm come into the picture to support every step to their journey and uplift them to 99% success by eliminating the failure.

Mostly 90% Startups Fail in early stages, not because they have the wrong idea or were wrong, but mainly they fail because lack of guidance and technical support needed to their journey.

Mr. Sundar Adhikari: Founder and CEO

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