Q1. What exactly is Starups Realm?

Startups Realm is a pioneer startup-focused IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Initiated by tech enthusiast Mr. Sundar Adhikari to support startups from one roof in all their difficulties, including company registrations, product building, research, marketing, branding, team building, and funraising to scale effort to make them successful. providing the best opportunities to all young entrepreneurs who want to grow and make a difference in their communities.

Q1. What is Zero-To-Success Startups Realm Ecosystem?

Startups Realm provides a Zero-To-Success ecosystem for the startups and entrepreneurs, where we just not only support you in technology but we help you to build a successful scalable business from a single roof. We provide all the required services that are needed between zero-to-success. Startups Realm provides an ecosystem for startups to be successful.

Q1. How Does Startup Realm Work?

Startups Realm work very closely with startups in all their needs including company registrations to fundraising. Startups Realm always believe in working together and creating a big difference in the community.

Q1. Is the startup realm only for startups ?

Surely not. Startups Realm focuses on startups and works very closely with them in all domains of technology with innovation. We also work with many established companies, organizations,enterprises, NGO/INGO, corporations, governments, and individuals as well.

Q1. Is the Startups Realm also work with individuals?

Yess, Startups Realm also works with individual entrepreneurs who want to create new things for the world and provide all the assistance that are needed to their journey to be successful in entrepreneurship.

Q1. How can my startup collaborate with Startup Realm?

Startups Realm always welcomes ideas, startups, and companies to collaborate in any aspect, that together we can add more value to the ecosystem. For collaborations you can simply contact us.

Q1. What are the advantages of collaborating with Startups Realm?

There are unprecedented benefits of collaboration/ working with Startups Realm. It's an ecosystem to make your startups successful where you get all the necessary services that are needed between your zero-to-success phase. You just not collaborate with us to build products but also to build a successful business. Where you learn, you build, you meet new people, you grow your network, you get mentorship from experts, you learn to avoid mistakes, your raise fund form rediable investors and everything that is needed to make you successful.

Q1. How can we contact Startups Realm?

You can simply message us or contact from contact sections. You can also join us on social media or email us: [email protected], WhatsApp/ call us: +977-9808531812

Q1. What kind of technical support does Startup Realm provide?

Startups Realm provides 24/7 technical support for you. We provide web development, mobile app development, cloud operations, data analytic and security services to our clients globally, for more you contact us.

Q1. Does startups' realm make both mobile apps and websites?

Yes, Startups Realm provides both innovative mobile and web app development services globally, We build 21th century mobile first applications for your business to enhance user experience and for your growth. To build a new one please contact us.

Q1.How much does it cost to make a simple Website and Mobile App?

To calculate the development cost to any kind of website or mobile applications we need to go through your requirements and features that you wanna add into your application. To calculate the development cost, you can contact our team, we will give you the exact figure based on your requirement.

Q1. What kind of branding and marketing services does Startup Realm offer?

Startups Realm helps you on branding, making brand identity and social media marketing for your business. Where we do all that needed for marketing including logo design, video marketing, SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media Marketing. Our cost effective, result driven digital marketing services help you to be successful in the digital world.

Q1. What kind of business consulting and research services does Startups Realm provide?

Startups Realm is initiated to ease and establish your entrepreneurial journey. For any startups or individuals we provide business consulting services where they can learn and can take business into next level growth, and also we offer research services that they can differentiate from the crowd by continuous research and improvement we provide all the necessary guidance and support to them in between.

Q1. How does Startup Realm build the expert Team and help you on Hiring?

Startups Realm helps you to build a new team for your company to run. We provide a skilled team hired by experts for you and all the required guidelines on hiring. We provide both team hiring and individual hiring services, if you want to make your expert team you can contact us.

Q1. How does Startups Realm assist you in raising funds?

Startups Realm helps you to raise funds from our investors on different rounds, Seed to growth. We connect you to our investor and arrange a pitching session for you from where you can convenience our investor to invest. Remember all your ideas, products info will be confienditals with us. Startups Realm connects you with credible VCs, angel investors for you that you can focus on your business growth.

Q1. Does Startups Realm invest in your startups?

Yes, Startups Realm also invests in your startups, We mainly invest in SEED rounds and assist you to grow.

Do you Have any question?

Want to know more about us, if you have any question related to Startups Realm and it's services just message us.

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