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Yes, you heard right! Startups Realm supports you with fundraising for your business. Since our inception, we have been devoted to making startups successful and helping them achieve their goals.

If you are just starting a startup or a small business in Nepal, you may have more difficulty raising funds, even if you have a crazy, innovative idea that could disrupt multi-billion dollar industries. Startups Realm provides you with all of the assistance you need to raise funds from our investors. We arrange a p2p meeting with a credible investor and mentor that could add more value to your business.

  • Easy way to get investment for your business.
  • We support you at any phase, idea, MVP, or scale.
  • Nepal #1 place to support your idea.
  • Our Realm is focused to make your business successful.

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Since our inception, Startups Realm is committed to make your startups successful and it's a Realm for your success. We’re proud to say our work stands out and gets recognized globally for making an ecosystem for startups success with Web, App design & development.

Our Services

Fundraising (Seed, Growth)

We understand the difficulties of raising funds for your business when you are just a startup. You strike with many investors, banks, and neighbors' doors and return with no support. When it comes to funds, no one believes you until and unless you show them the result. But what if you don't even have that fund or skillset to build or showcase your idea? We know no one will listen to you, but take a look at Startups Realm and how we support and assist you in raising funds for your ideas and startups.

Startups Realm provides funding to help you through various stages such as ideation, MVP, scaling, and arranging peer-to-peer meetings with our credible investors. We provide support from angel investors, VCs, and financial institutions so that you can give birth to your dream.

  • Fundraising for your business from ideation,MVP to scale.
  • From building ideas, making strategies to successful paths.
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You may have been concerned that your idea would be leaked or that you would lose control of it. At Startups Realm, we understand the value of ideas and respect the need to keep them confidential in our ecosystem.Whenever you speak to us at any point, from consulting to raising funds, we keep everything confidential so you can freely move with us.

Your presentation ideas will be kept confidential with our investor while raising funds in Startups Realm.

  • We respect confidentiality of your idea.
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Mentorship and Guidance

We understand the importance of mentorship when you run a startup. Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. Many startups fail for lack of guidance and mentorship on their journey. It helps you to learn fast, to avoid making big mistakes and to give clear shape to your dream.

Startups Realm provides expert mentorship to startups so that they can easily achieve their goals.

  • Pree-to-pree mentorship and guidance from field experts
  • Hand-holding Realm Support for your business.
  • Technical support and guidance to achieve your goals.
  • We believe, making you successful is our success.
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Benefits to with us

Investment for your business

When we arrange for pitching, easily you will be able to get investment from our investor.

Increase trust

When you meet an investor from Startups Realm, you can easily win the investor's trust and their support.

Easy acccess to investor

We provide easy access to investor so that any crediable idea will get the opportunity to flourish.

Increase Network

When you raise funds from Startups Realm, you are also expanding your professional network for your company.

Mentorship From Experts

Our experts provide mentorship and guidance for your business at Startups Realm.


Be confident that we put your ideas into confidence so that you can freely work for the future with Realm.

Have an idea, Need support?

Contact us if you need assistance between your ideas and success; Startups Realm would be delighted to invest in your concept.

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