Our Humble Beginning

Our mission keeps us focused and accountable for the startups , our vision drives us and our values dictate how we succeed. Since our inception in 2021, Startups Realm has set out to disrupt the IT industry for your New ideas.

Startups Realm is Purposefully Initiated by our founders (Mr. Sundar Adhikari) to support and connect great startup ideas, entrepreneurs & companies globally. Startups Realm offers unprecedented service from Zero-to-success, including product building to fundraising and scale. We provide innovative tech solutions and mentorship to grow your startups.

We understand the importance and difficulties of an effective tech ecosystem to make your startups successful. We have built an ecosystem that are needed between the phases of success. In Startups Realm we focused on your business success by minimizing the rate of failures by guiding from experts and innovative solutions from our team to make your dream into reality.


Our Vission and Mission

Our mission is to empower every person, entrepreneur, startups & every organization and provide best tech solutions and guidance to draw one inch closer to success.

Our vision is to help and enhance people to develop in entrepreneurship, startups, and corporations to create and develop for every opportunity to make the world a better place with the innovative solutions.






Startups Support


Team Members

Our Core Values To Enable The Innovations

Startups Realm always focus to enable people anywhere to solve big problems. Our customers choose us because we innovate and adapt faster with world-class engineers. We Put our customers at the heart of everything we do to make them successful, Startups Realm believe in thinking big, Stay ruthlessly focused on customers, Inspire each other and Build strong partnerships with our clients with Respect, Integrity, and Innovation are our core values enable us to innovate.


The way we view our client relationships is one of Startups Realm defining characteristics. We partner up with our clients to overcome the problems together.


Developing close, honest relationships with our clients means we are genuinely driven to see them find success. This is what Startups Realm brings out our best work.


Startups Realm offer innovative solutions to our clients' problems by applying the latest technologies available. This allows us to solve business problems more effectively with the innovations for your disruptive idea.

Let's innovate together

We guide and deliver across your startups products lifecycle, from idea to MVP to success at scale (Zero-to-Success).

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