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Startups Realm is a startups-focused pioneer IT company that provides an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups to be successful in their journey. Since our inception, Startups Realm has always been devoted to making new ideas and entrepreneurs successful and supporting the global startup ecosystem from Nepal.

The Nepalese mostly rely on foreign imports and remittances, but we have multi-billion dollar potential and crazy ideas to disrupt the entire global market. But as the support and guidance are drying up, our brilliant younger generations are losing hope. If you are one of these people, then Startups Realm is for you. We support every future entrepreneur and their crazy ideas to bring innovations to market, and we provide all the necessary guidance from Startups Realm to make them succeed.

  • Startups Realm provides an ecosystem for you to develop your ideas.
  • We guide you from experts to building products and establishing a company.
  • We provide business consulting for your existing and new business growth.
  • Startups Realm provides Realm's support and mentorship from experts.

# 1 Startups focused Pioneer IT Company

Since our inception, Startups Realm is committed to make your startups successful and it's a Realm for your success. We’re proud to say our work stands out and gets recognized globally for making an ecosystem for startups success with Web, App design & development.

Our Services

Business Consulting

Startups Realm provides business consulting to new ideas, entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMEs to help them grow. We assist them in developing ideas and a growth strategy to meet your objectives. If you are a small business, retailers, startups, individuals, or established companies, and want to get Realm support for your next level of growth, we help you from zero-to-success.

  • We provide 'Realm Support' for your idea / business.
  • Experts provide result-oriented business consulting.
  • From building ideas, making strategies to successful paths.
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Business Research

Research plays a vital role in making your business successful. If you start with just an idea, you will end up with nothing without research and continuous improvement on your idea or your business.

Startups Realm provides business research for new ideas, entrepreneurs, corporations, and SMEs to grow and explore new market opportunities. We help you with your business research and development so that you can differentiate  yourself from the crowd and establish your own Realm.

  • Assisting with research for your new idea or startup
  • We provide a research team based on your requirements.
  • Our experts will assist you in achieving 100X more results in your business.
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Mentorship and Guidance

We believes 90% of startups fail in early stages because of a lack of mentorship and guidance, not mainly because they have the wrong idea or were wrong. That is why startups Realm offers hand-holding support, peer-to-peer mentorship, and guidance in your quest to conquer the startups world.

  • We provide pree-to-pree mentorship from field experts.
  • Hand-holding Realm Support for your business.
  • Technical support and guidance to achieve your goals.
  • We believe, making you successful is our success.
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We guide and deliver across your startups, product's life cycle, from idea to MVP to success at scale driven by innovations.

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